A page of history is worth a volume of logic.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Live that page of history!
Meet and interact with the people who made that history.
Experience what they saw and did from their viewpoint.
Ask them the questions you wish someone had asked them then.

Alexander Gardner

Talk to Alexander Gardner, the man who photographed the American Civil War; who captured more photographs of Lincoln than any other photographer; who documented the western expansion with pictures of a proposed continental rail route through Kansas to California; who created photo-journalism; and who started a Utopian colony and benevolent insurance services. Alex may also give a lecture on stereo photography!
Alexander Gardner

Franklin Hogan

Interact with a true hero like Franklin Hogan who was awarded a Medal of Honor for his actions during the Civil War. Follow his travels from Pennsylvania through the war and to his settlement and life in Kansas.

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The mission of the Kansas Alliance of Professional Historic Performers is to provide costumed historic interpretation of the highest standard by challenging each other and ourselves to constantly research our subject area and seek the highest performance skills.

The KAPHP is a juried organization of historian/performers. Membership is by recommendation. Selection is by a committee of the membership.

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