Three different program formats are available:

Historical Performance

Doug McGovern

A performance includes a 30 to 45 minute presentation by a specific individual with a following question and answer time involving both the character and the scholar.

This program is most appropriate for meetings, conferences and general presentations.

Facilitated Discussion

Doug McGovern

A facilitated discussion involves the audience in direct interchange. That is, a short presentation by the historical individual is followed by an interactive discussion involving all participants including the scholar and the character being portrayed.

This program format allows a small group to explore the issues that the character emphasizes in his presentation. Examples might be the meaning of heroism, the ethics of photojournalism, or the lifestyle of the times.

Facilitated discussions fit into an hour or can extend to several hours depending on the topic, participants and available time.

Demonstration and Training

Doug McGovern

Alexander Gardner, as a master of stereo photography, demonstrates how stereo photographs are made and then participates (with the scholar) in hands-on-training.

Demonstrations include discussion of the physiological basis for stereo vision and a brief demonstration of the product. No specialized hardware is required for the short program.

Half day and full day training includes the actual taking of photographs and making stereo pictures by the students. Hardware support is required for training.


Rates are based on the style of program, the number of presentations and, in the case of training, hardware and supplies required.

Travel expenses additional for appearances further than 100 miles from Hutchinson, Kansas.

Contact Doug McGovern at Alive With History for program availability and rates.